Food and Medicine from Minsk Believers Reached Horlivka


On the 5th of April a group of Minsk residents delivered food and medicine, gathered by Ortohodox  Joy of All Who Sorrow Icon and of the Vestment of Holy Mother of God parishes, to Gorlivka, Donetsk and Rovenki.

The Minsk Christians raised more than 300,000 RUR for which food, clothes and medicine were bought. According to, the greatest joy at the destination point, Horlivka Epiphany Cathedral (that is used as a shelter for people whose houses were destroyed) was caused by fish and fish preserves because many inhabitants of Horlivka wanted to obey the Lent.

At Horlivka Belarusians gave part of the aid to the psychiatry clinic and other part to 6 families that asked for help when they saw the car with food and medicine. The group also brought the gifts from Minsk children to the Donetsk traumatology center’s local branch, where children with explosive injuries are treated.