How Many Believers Attend Churches According to MIA? (Infographics)

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On the 12th of April in Belarus Easter liturgies took place at Orthodox churches in which more than 629 thousand people participated. The ministry of internal affairs states that public order was secured.

On Catholic Easter more than 46 thousand people participated in festivities on the 5th of April.

It is worth mentioning that MIA data about church attendance on Easter varies from year to year. Varies significantly. Thus, in 2011 1,111 mln people attended the church, in 2014 – only 477 thousand, which is 2,5 times fewer than the first figure.

And if in 2012 the police counted 192 thousand Catholics, in 2013 and 2015 they counted only 45 thousand.

In particular, according to MIA, in 2014 477 thousand Catholics and Orthodoxes participated in Easter liturgies.

In 2013 the figures were 45,000 Catholics and 475,00 Orthodoxes.

In 2012 192,000 people attended Catholic churches and 675,000 people attended Orthodox churches.

In 2011 the police counted 1,111 mln people attending Orthodox and Catholic Easter services.

Previously the MIA repersentatives failed to explain such decline, while the priests claimed that they didn’t notice a sudden lack of parishioners.вернікі