Police did not Allow to Place Crosses at Vitiebsk Kurapaty


The BNF Conservative Christian Party activist Yan Dzierzhawtsaw was detained near Khaysy village, Vitiebsk district.

The CCP-BNF activists suppose that victims of Stalinist repressions are inhumated there and they were going to place several crosses at Vitiebsk Kurapaty. According to Radio Svaboda, the first who reached the place was Yan Dzierzhawtsaw who also brought the crosses.

According to him,  he was awaited at the parking lot by the police and KGB officers, the village council chairman and a forestry representative who claimed that he does not have a permission to install anything there. Dzierzhawtsaw was detained and brought to Vitiebsk police district office, the reason of detainment not been explained.

According to Yan Dzierzhawtsaw, several activists remained at Khaysy but the action of memory had been already wrecked before all participants managed to gather.

Yan Dzierzhawtsaw was released from police office after he gave an explanation to his actions with only an interrpgation report being made.

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