Prominent Belarusian Religious Activist f. Alexander Nadson Departed


On the 15th of April in London a prominent Belarusian religious activist, the apostolic visitator to Bealrusian Catholics abroad, f. Alexander Nadson departed. “It happened at 10.00 p.m at Barnet hospital (London) where he had been taken for kidneys treatment. Since the last Autumn father was very ill. He was 88. May his memory live for ever”, – wrote Syarhey Stasevich, Greek Catholic priest from London on Facebook.

Alexander Nadson (true surname – Bochka) was born on the 8th of August of 1926 in today’s Nyasvizh district. In 1944 he had to emigrate, joined French Resistance, fought Nazis in Italy, was hurt. Since 1946 resided in Great Britain.

He was one of the founders of Great Britain Belarusian Association, “Zycce” Belarusian academical association, “Run'” Belarusian academical Catholic association, Belarusian independent people Christian movement.

After graduating Greek college in Rome was ordinated a Greek Catholic priest. Led a pastoral activity in Middle and Northern England, was one of the heads of Cyrill of Turaw Belarusian Sunday school in London, since 1971 was the director of Francis Skaryna library museum.

In 1981 became the head of Belarusian Catholic mission in Great Britain, 5 years later was appointed an apostolic visitator to Belarusian Catholics abroad. Many times he visited Belarus, participated in Belarusian Greek Catholic Church open activity restoration.

He was the author of several translations of liturgical texts to Belarusian, of several publications concerning Belarusian history and culture.

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