F. Alexander Nadson’s Funeral Takes Place on April, 29th

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The funeral ceremony of protopriest Alexander Nadson will take place on Wednesday, April, 29th at St. Mary’s church, 279 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 8HG. The church is situated across from Islington and St Pancras cemetery where f. Nadson will be buried. The ceremony starts at 11 a.m.

Previously, on April, 28th f. Alexander’s body will bу delivered to the Mary House for the final farewell.

A service dedicated to the Belarusians’ spiritual leader will take place in Druya on April, 19th at 12 a.m. at Holy Trinity Greek Catholic parish. Belarusian center in London and Druya were closely spiritually connected thanks to bishop Cheslav Sipovich and his followers who called Belarusian Catholic Mission in Belarus house “New Druya”. In “Old Druya” the apostolic visitator’s for Greek Catholics abroad person is well known and revered.

Father Alexander Nadson directed F. Skaryna Belarusian library-museim since 1971, was active participant of Great Britain Belarusians Association, Charitotive section, British-Belarusian society. In 1981 he became the head of Catholic mission in Great Britain. On June, 30th was appointed apostolic visitator to Catholic Belarusians abroad. F. Nadson created the Help to the victims of radiation committee, translated several liturgical texts to Belarusian, was the author of several publications on Belarusian church histiry and culture. F. Alexander was the honorable doctor of European Humanities University.