Five Churches in Brest Region have been Proposed to UNESCO World Heritage List


Five churches in Brest region have been proposed to UNESCO World Heritage list. The churches are specimen of a distinct wood architecture tradition.

Among the churches proposed to the list are two towerless ones and three with two towers. According to “Sovietskaya Bielorussia”, the list consists of St. Paraskeva church, Zbirohi village (1610), St. Michael church, Chersk (1700), St. Nikita church, Zdzitava village (ca. 1502), St. Micahel church, Stsyapanki village (1780) and St. Paraskeva church, Dzivina (1728).

All these churches are the historical monuments protected by state. Ten years ago the list could have been 2 times longer but many churhches were radically rebuilt. Thus, in Malorita district one of the churches was covered with siding, in Kobryn district in ine of the old churches the door was changed to the plastic one. In Ivatsevichi district one of the churches was demolished with a new church been built on the same place.

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