Panukrainian CEF Churches Union President to Belarusians: Thank You for Crying with those who are Crying


The history and the fates of Ukrainian and Belarusian people are closely interwined, according to Mykhailo Panochko, the president of the Panukrainian Christians of Evangelical Faith churches union. “I want to thank Belarus for the support it lends to the Ukrainian people. It proves that there is something between us because the sense of familiar ties causes compassion and help”.

Mykhailo Panochko also expressed his gratitude to Belarusian Christians for their prayer and for “their sympathy and empathy, for doing everyhing possible of them”.

“We were very surprised with how Belarusian people reacts to the pain of our people. Thank you very much. I hope God will bless you”. The Bible says “weep with those who weep”. And you do it. But the  time will come when we will rejoice together”, – stated the Panukrainian CEF churches union president.

“We are very grateful to Belarusian people and wish them  success. We wish Belarus to flourish, especially now when these tragical events affected Belarusian economy. It is not our fault but we must look for a solution of the problem. We must not give up or lose heart. We must pray and rely on God. We must trust our fate and the fate of our family and our people to Whom he holds the Universe, to Whom Whose resurrection we celebrated. I believe God wants to bless Ukraine, he wants to bless Belarus. And I am sure He will bless it if most of Belarusian people turns their faces nor to the East neither to the West. Let God bless these neighbors form the left and the right but the most reliable help will come when it comes from above, from God. And we belive He will give His blessing”, – pointed out Mykhailo Panochko.

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