Lukashenko Wants to Control all Belarusian Jews


Aleksandr Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus, wants to control all Belarusian Jews and gave the respective orders a year ago. He stated that on April, 29th during his speech addressed to Belarusian people and the parliament and expressed his regret that the authorities had not still managed to “normalize” Yury Zisser, the creator of TUT.BY, a popular Internet portal.

“Semion Borisovich (Shapiro – ed.), this Zisser of yours acts dishonestly as I see – the President addressed the Minsk region governor. – I asked you to take all Jews in Belarus under control a year ago. Even Pavel Izotovich (the chief editor of “SB. Belarus today” newspaper) did not express any sign of indignation. But that is Zisser whom we hadn’t still normalized. Investigate that situation!”.

Yury Zisser, the person who was mentioned from the parliament rostrum, expressed his surprise to the press: “There is no doubt that different officials, among them Shapiro, give us different recommendations and express their displeasure with our materials. It is somehow thought to be normal in our country”. At the same time, the creator of the portal does not understand how it is possible to controll all Jews. “They are not an organization, there are dozens of thousands of them in our country, – stated Yury Zisser. – Of course, we listen to these people, but we make all decisions ourselves, on the basis of our editorial policy”.

Continuing his speech, Aleksandr Lukashenko tried to mitigate his attitude towards Jews trying to tell about how he awarded the war orders: “During my visit to Israel we presented the orders for the Great Patriotic War. The fifth column called me antisemitist, told that I crush them, eat them alive. So, at my arrival Jews demanded that I would visit the “Russian forest”. Mossad did not allow it – security, you know. So I decorated the delegates at the hall. – There was more Jews in the partisan movement in Belarus than in any other country! They are the blue blood and they are not used to crawl and fight, but they did it in our country! You know, they have a religion – if somebody smashed your right cheek, show the left one. So I decorated them with pennants and titles”, – shown Lukashenko his attitude towards Jews.