Belarusian Attorney General Is Asked to Estimate Lukashenko’s Statement about Jews


The United Civic Party leader Anatol Lebyadzko filed an official request on behalf of his party to Aliaksandr Kanyuk, Attorney General of the Republic of Belarus. He asks for a judicial estimate of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s statement about Jews and to establish whether or not there are the elements of crime described in Article 103 of the Penal Code (fomentation of national or religious hatred).

“I ask you to notice that such statements undermine the reputation of Belarus on the international level. I hope that the investication will be conducted in the shortest terms possible an that you will fully fulfill the duties assigned to your office by the law”, – he mentioned, according to UCP.

The “Vyasna” Human Rights Center representative Tattsyana Revyaka stated on Facebook that she made a similar address to the Attorney General. She also asks to “to conduct an attorney investigation and find out 1) what kind of control the head of the state meant, 2) in connection with which circumstances and 3) what is his intention”.

As KRYNICA.INFO has previously reported that Aleksandr Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus, wants to control all Belarusian Jews and gave the respective orders a year ago. He stated that on April, 29th during his speech addressed to Belarusian people and the parliament and expressed his regret that the authorities had not still managed to “normalize” Yury Zisser, the creator of TUT.BY, a popular Internet portal.

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