Ambassador of Israel Found Nothing Antisemitic In the Phrase “To Take All Jews Under Control”


Aleksandr Lukashenko’s words about the necessity of “taking all Jews under control” said during his address to Belarusian people and parliament were said “with not the most exquisite style” but did not contain any antisemitism. This was stated by the ambassador of Israel to the Republic of Belarus Joseph Shagal at the reception dedicated to the 67th anniversary of Israel’s independency. reports that according to him everything was said in an “ironical context” but was incorrectly interpreted by press which made a wrong impression.

The diplomat also mentioned that Aleksandr Lukashenko’s statement will not affect Belarusian-Israelian relations. He also stated that during his work in Belarus he “did not face any manifestation of antisemitism aimed at any Jew and, consecutively, at Belarusian Jew community on the whole”.

As KRYNICA.INFO has previously informed, the United Civic Party leader Anatol Lebyadzko filed an official request on behalf of his party to Aliaksandr Kanyuk, Attorney General of the Republic of Belarus. He asks for a judicial estimate of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s statement about Jews and to establish whether or not there are the elements of crime described in Article 103 of the Penal Code (fomentation of national or religious hatred).