Family Day: BCD Wished Happy Holiday to Minsk

дзень сям'і 22

On the 15th of May, on Friday, th eactivists of Belarusian Chrsitian Democracy party’s organizational committee activists wished to the people of Misnk happy Family Day. The action took place at Gorky park.

Christian democrats were giving balloons and coloring books to passerbies with children and ask them to join the “Protect your children from alcohol” campaign.

“Unfortunately, the government does not pay attention to such holidays. The family is very important, it is the foundation of the society and the state. Life begins from the family, the family is our support and haven. We think that the Family Day should be a national holiday in Belarus”, – stated Volha Kavalkova, the BCD organizational committee Minsk coordinator, in her interview to KRYNICA.INFO.

Photos by Nadzieja Hacak