“Lord is my Strength and Song” Festival Took Place in Minsk


The 5th national festival of Adventist church cjoruses “The Lord is my strength and Song” took place in Minsk on May 8-9th with 400 participants.

According to adventist.by, the hosts Oleg Ostrovsky and Elena Popko, the TV host Oleg Harlamov and the treasurer of Kyiv conference Vladimir Kutsiy lead a Saturday service during which the choruses of Belarusian Church Union (Fedory village), first Brest community, Mahilyow region, “Adventus” (Homiel) and Kobryn gave a performance, as well as guest collectives from Novaya Synzhereya village (Moldova), Kyiv and Lesnaya Bucha (Ukraine).

On the next day the satge was occupied by the choruses of Pinsk second community, “Credo” Moscow Association and Vivere chorus from Minsk conducted by Oksana Ostrovskaya.