Belarusian Priest was Decorated with Ukrainian Order


The members of “Podilska Sich” civil group, among them Orthodox chaplain Syarhey Horbik, the native of Minsk, were  military decorations at Bogdan Khmelnytski National Border Service Academy in Khmelnytsk, Ukrain , on the 12th of May.

According to, the UOC protopriest Syarhey Horbik, “Podilska Sich” chaplain and also its press secretary had been decorated with “Unity and Will” order for participating  in military actions during the attempted breakthorough of Ukrainian-Russian border.

The “Podilska Sich” civil group was formed in the March of 2014 when the military actions on the East of Ukraine began. In the August of 2014 joined Azov-Black Sea direction supply.