Catholic Hierarchs Told Government Officials About the Difficulties in Humanitarian Aid Registration


Catholic hierarchs and representatives of President’s executive office humanitarian activities department had discussed the project of a new Decree of foreign humanitarian aid’s receival and registration on May, 15.

According to, the Apostolic Nuncio to Belarus Claudio Gugerotti, the Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyow Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz with his assistant bishop Yury Kasabutski, bishop of Hrodna Aliaksnadr Kashkevich with assistant bishop Iosif Stanewski, bishop of Pinsk Antoni Demjanko and bishop of Vitsiebsk Aleh Butkevich, as well as representatives of “Caritas” Catholic charity society and the priests regularily involved in charitable activities participated in the discussion.

During the meeting the participants were able to ask questions about humanitarian aid registration and also discussed the difficulties which arose during that process.

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