The First John Paul II Catholic Church Appeared in Belarus


Bishop of Pinsk Antoni Demjanko consecrated the first Belarusian John Paul II Catholic church in Baranavichi on the 15th of May.

In the sermon the bishop gave special consideration to the figure of the Saint Pope, reminding that John Paul’s II special aim was “to allow East breath the faith more easily” and that “to breath means to pray, to receive holy sacraments and to build sanctuaries. Let this temple and its life be the expression of our gratitude to God for giving us such Holy Father. This day is also a part of fulfilling his dream. He looks at us and blesses us from the hime of our Celestial Father”, – reports

The bishop also called “to stand inside the Catholic Church to understand its secrets, inside its center, not only administratively, not only through a formal belonging but through accepting it with all one’s heart”.