Belarusian Pilgrims Invited the Pope to Belarus


Belarusian  pilgrims from Hlubokaye met Pope Francis and invited him to Belarus.

According to Radio Ratsiya, they managed to to talk to Pope Francis at one o his audiences that takes place every Wednesday in Vatican.

Maryna Ramanchuk from Hlubokaye stated that meeting the Pope is a very important occasion for every Catholic and that he is a very open and easy-going person and that he preaches not only with his words but with his behavior and gesticaulation as well. She says he is her role model.

For the Pope to notice the Belarusians Maryna Rmanchuk put on a T-shirt with Belarusian ornament and spoeke in Italian that Belarus sends the Pope its greetings, loves him very much and awaits hes visit.

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