Prince Vladimir’s Reliquary Will be Brought to Minsk


The reliquary of Prince Vladimir, the Orthodox Saint, will arrive at Minsk onthe 20th of June. The sacred object will be available for worshipping in Minsk, Hrodna, Mahilyow and Vitsiebsk.

According to, the reliquary will be transported to Belarus by the initiative and with the support of Vassili the Great Foundation as a part of celebration of the 1000th anniversary of St. Prince Vladimir’s death.

The sacred object will arrive in Minsk on June 20, will stay in Hrodna on June 21-24, in Minsk on June 27 till July 1, in Mahilyow on July 1-4, in Vitsiebsk on July 4-7. From Vitsiebsk it will be transported to Smolensk, from where it will continue its tour through the Russian cities.

Prince Vladimir was buried in 1015 in Kiev, in 1635 a part of relics was moved to Muscovia where they were stored at Kremlin and during the Soviet period in Kremlin Museum. In 2010 the reliquary was given to Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow.

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