Belarusian Government Demands ATO Chaplain Extradition


Belarusian media found out that Belarus demands extradition of a UOC priest Syarhey Horbik, who at the moment is under home-arrest in Lviv from Ukraine. The official cause of the extradition demand is fraud.

KRYNICA.INFO asked f. Syarhey Horbik to comment the situation.

In f. Syarhey’s opinion, the political motive of Belarusian government is obvious. The priest openly criticizes Belarusian government in public and is also a chaplain of Civil group “Podilska Sich” that participates in upholding the public order and protecting the Russian-Ukrainian border in the area of anti-terrorist operation in the East of Ukraine. Father Syarhey spiritually guides the ATO fighters and was decorated by Ukrainian government.

The formal cause of the persecution is the publication of the book “Belarusian resistance”, f. Syarhey being one of the authors of the book. Half a year later the film had been made which drew the attention of Belarusian authorities.

The priest lives in Lviv since 2003 but Belarusian authorities stated about his international search only in 2015.

The lawyer of f. Syarhey Horbik, Alyona Kis insists that the cause of the case is purely political. Several documents in her possession, among them being the marriage certificate issued in Ukraine in 2003 and the residence certificate issued in 2011, show that at the moment of the issue of those documents Belarusian party did not have any claims against the priest.

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