Belarusian Publicist Haurylau Raises Funds for Dybaltseve and Horlivka


The Orthodox volunteers will bring a humanitarian, aid gathered by the people of Minsk as response to the call of a publicist Mikalay Haurylau to, to the East of Ukraine – to Horlivka, Donetsk and Dybaltseve.

in May Mikalay Haurylau and his comrades has already visited Horlivka and Donetsk wher the had brought humanitarian aid worth 230,000 Russian roubles. The significant part of that money went ot the Horlivka diocese which estblished 5 soup kitchens in the city. According to, cleaner and bedsheets had been bought for the psychiatric clinic, fruits and medicine for the Donetsk region children trauma clinic and food for a child clinic.

The found-raising campaign for a new visit to Donbas will last till 31st of May. The funds are raised for a children ward of Donetsk trauma center where children with bullet and explosive wounds are treated, for  the 21st Donetsk hospital that is on the line of fire. The medicine will be bought for the Horlivka diocese priests who will distribute it among the sick people and a field kitchen will be organized in Dybaltseve. Mikalay Haurylau also plans to help several severe wounded teenagers but they need especially expensive medicine.

The aid – money, blood transfusion kits, syringes – should be brought to the “Joy of all Who Sorrow” Icon parish in Minsk (Prytytskaha, st. 65).

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