Sadouski: Belarus is the Only European Country Without Registered Christian Democratic Party


The “Belarusian Christian Democracy” Party founding organizational committee has planned the BCD Constituent meeting for the 13th of June in Minsk. The members of the the committee made a request for the lease of premises for the event to 13 Minsk establishments.

Dzyanis Sadouski, the executive secretary of the BCD organizational committee told KRYNICA.INFO about the results of these requests:

The requests were sent to the MAZ factory culture palace, the Youth theatre, the Central House of Officers, the railways Palace of culture, Minsk international educational center, “Renaissance Minsk” hotel, the concert hall at Matusyevicha str, Belarusian House of Writers and the National Art Gallery.

Why do you need so many rooms? Would not one suffice?

It is the fifth attempt to register BCD and form our experience we know that many organizations make up different non-existent pretexts to refuse us the lease of a hall. That is why we have filed the requests to multiple organizations to avoid the refusals on the basis of all halls being already hired.

Had your plan worked?

We have the results but the ones we expected. The “Renaissance Minsk” hotel answered that on 13 June they host a dentists’ congress.

The directorate of MAZ Culture Palace stated that such decisions are made by MAZ factory general director but his secretary said that he does not deal with such matters.

At first the management of “Pekin” hotel gave us a positive answer promising us to prepare a contract form for the next day but an hour and a half later they called us and said that the “security service” had not allowed them to lease us a hall.

In the MTZ House of Culture they siad that they have planned “preparational work for a possible renovation”.

Minsk City Executive Council stated that they cannot help us because looking for premises for such type events is out of their competence. But in 2011 MCEC had helped us in the same task.

As a result, Belarusian Christian democrats met refusal everywhere.

Does the absence of permit for premises mean the absence of permission for a meeting?

It is obvious that these rooms are free and that the excuses like “preparational work for a possible renovation” are made up. We faced the same situation previous times but we managed to receive permission just before the meeting. Unfortunately, this time Minsk City Executive Council refused to help us.

That is why we have filed a request for conducting a meeting at the Svabody square. We are looking for the answer.

It is obvious that the resolution of this matter fully lies in the field of politics. Belarus is the only country in the Europe where the Christian Democrat party is not officially registered.

What will BCD do if the authorities refuse to permit the meeting at the Svabody square?

We will  make a decision after receiving the official reply. Different situations may arise but we will definitely conduct a BCD meeting on 13 June in Minsk regardless og whether we will have a room for it or not.

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