Constitutional Court: the demand of Non-Military Service Men to Prove their Religious Beliefs is Not Unconstitutional


The Constitutional court of the Republic of Belarus does think that the demand of conscripts proving their religious beliefs to be assigned to a non-military service does not contradict the Article 31 of the Constitution, states the court’s decision of the 27th of May that was published on the 3rd of June on the National Law Internet portal.

The representatives of the Constitutional court stressed that this necessity “is presupposed by the will of a citizen to be assigned to a non-military service”.

According to the Article 31 of the Constitution, “Everyone shall have the right to determine independently his attitude towards religion, to manifest any religion alone or in community with others, or to manifest none at all, to express and spread beliefs connected with his attitude towards religion, and to participate in the performance of acts of worship and religious rituals and rites, which are not prohibited by law”.

As KRYNIA.INFO has previously reported a non-military service was introduced in Belarus only for those who can not serve in military due to his religious beliefs.

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