Orthodoxes Prohibited Catholics to Put a Cross in a Belarusian Village

спрэчны крыж

A dispute between Orthodoxes and Catholics began in Belavezhsky village in Brest region. The cause of the conflict was a cross put by one of Catholic residents of the village near an Orthodox cross at the village drive. The secular authorities of the village tried to settle the argument.

The Catholic of Belavezhsky, being only 20 families among 2000 residents, do not have a chapel of their own and are a part of Vysokaye parish. Father Andrey Barodzich, the Vysokaye parish dean stated that he knows who has put that cross but he will not tell his name the authorities. According to svaboda.org, the priest also explains that there is a great necessity for the cross, e.g. people would be able to pray at it  during a burial.

Priest Aliaksandr Sychevich, the dean of a local Orthodox church and the main f. Barodzich’s opponent is absolutely against the idea: “a fact should be taken into consideration that more than 90% of the village’s population are Orthodox. Our beliefs should not be trod upon and if the majority vote against the cross we will remove it”. According to f. Sychevich’s oppinion the attempt of putting a cross in a village without a church is “pathetic” and that he is ready to remove the cross personally.

The head of Kamianetsk district executive committee’s ideology and culture department Mikalay Hromik stated that the coordinative council decided to allow the residents of Belavezhsky to decide themselves whther to put a Catholic cross there or not.

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