St. Euphrosyne Day in Polatsk (Photo Report)


The KRYNICA.INFO reporter watched the Liturgy at the “memorial” Sophia cathedral and the Cross Procession through Polatsk.

The Sophia cathedral is being used as a concert hall and a museum but on the 5th of June, the St. Euphrosyne Day, the prayer sounded sounded there again. Perhaps the city authorities though it would be logical to send students to greet St. Euphrosyne, the symbol of an altruistical enlightenment, but the ranks of students of a local university bordering the cross procession route were looking inappropriate.

A croud of people near the Shroud Church was quite remarkable – it turned out to be factory workers. At the certain moment a signal sonded to put on the kerchieves. Several minutes later the priests, the chorus and several parishioners went out and the cross procession started.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

According to the city tradition, every Orthodox church starts its own procession and at the monument to the saint all processions unite into one which heads to the St. Euphrosyne nunnery.

The true believers gathered at the Sophia cathedral for a prayer at 8.30. The liturgy lasted for 2 hours and a half, during which the residents of city forced to participate in the procession by their authorities were concentrating outside.

The Orthodox holiday began with the Liturgy at the St. Euphrosyne nunnery, headed by Metropolitan Pavel assisted almost by all Belarusian Orthodox bishops: archbishop Gury, bishops Sofrony, Stefan, Veniamin, Leonid, Pavel, Porfiry were greeted by the host of the holiday, the archbishop of Polatsk and Hlubokaye Feodosy. The Liturgy was followed by a Night Vigil. The most stolid believers, the Orthodoxes from Hlubokaye, came to the holiday on foot, having spent 5 days on the road.