Local Legislator: the Cross in Bielavezhsky will Stay

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The Catholic cross in Bielavezhsky village in Kamianietsky district will stay. “After a long discussion we decided that the Catholic cross will not be removed and perhaps they will stand together, an Orthodox cross and a Catholic one. But everything should be made by the book”, – stressed Iryna Niherysh, the head of a local legislative body.

According to Belsat, the cross put by Catholics does not disturb the other residents of Belaviezhsky.

As KRYNICA.INFO has previously reported, a dispute between Orthodoxes and Catholics began in Belavezhsky village in Brest region. The cause of the conflict was a cross put by one of Catholic residents of the village near an Orthodox cross at the village drive. The dean of a local Orthodox church, f. Aliaksandr Sychevich is absolutely against the appearance of a Catholic cross in the village.

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