Orthodox Priest: Nobody is Going to Break the Catholic Cross in Belavezhsky


Father Aliaksandr Sychevich, the dean of the Annunciation Orthodox church, has commented on the conflict in Belavezhsky village caused by a Catholic cross being put near the Orthodox one.

According to f. Aliaksandr, it was unfair of Catholics to put a cross without a permit from the authorities – at the same time he is ready to tolerate the presence of the Catholic cross if it will be the will of authorities, states nn.by.

While commenting the villagers’ assembly which was dedicated to the Catholic-Orthodox confrontation, f. Aliaksandr called it a provocative one: “Catholic say that the cross is necessary to bring a body of a deceased to it. Is it a sacrament? No, f. Andrey told me it is not. There is no concrete cause for the cross being installed. I am not against the other causes. Let them pray. I do not want a war”.

The priest also denies his words of his readiness to demolish the cross on his own: “Nobody is going to crush crosses. The say I proposed to crush the cross which means desecration. But we do not want anything like that. It should be neatly uninstalled – otherwise they must acquire the permit”.

The priest stated that in his opinion the right of believers for a religious symbol is measured only by their numbers. At the same time the priest admits that there are not many active believers among the Orthodox 90% majority – not more than a hundred of people are regularily attending church. F. Aliaksandr got to know the Catholic priest only at the assembly.