BCD will Stand for Concepted Children’s Right for Life


The BCD Congress decided in its manifest not to choose its own candidate for 2015 election campaign and not to support any of the candidates, but declared its willingness “to cooperate with all democratic powers whose ideology and actions do not contradict BCD principles”.

The Christian democrats will improve the work of people’s self-government as “an independent alternative to the pro-governmental and pro-Putin organizations”. The main aim of people’s self-government is  protection of rights and freedoms of the citizens, such as the right for just elections, for freedom of assembly, for independent media, for an adequate level of life and for protection of citizens from illegal persecution, organization of public campaigns, development and promotion of alternative regional and national development plans.

BCD plans to work out several bills concerning law, economy, defense, communications, cultural and social reforms. One of the main BCD short-term goals is to organize the campaign “for an accesible and adequate healthcare”. Particularily, it is planned to provide the right for life for unborn children on every stage of pregnancy.

BCD will support the solidarity campaign aimed at Mikalay Statkevich’s and other political prisoners’ release, to participate in the campaign “Right to Choose” aiming at real attendance figures’ fixation during the presedential elections and at revealing the facts of compulsion and falsification.

“Facing the threat to Belarus independence and the Kremlin aggression in Ukraine BCD considers consolidation of all force capable of defending the indepenence of Belarus its primary goal”, – states the BCD manifesto.