The Memory of Uniate Martyrs has been Honored at Polish-Belarusian Border


A traditional festival  took place at Polish village Kostomloty honoring the memory of Greek Catholics who died for their refusal to convert to Orthodoxy. The representatives of Belarusian Greek Catholic Church headed by archmandrite Syarhey (Gajek) participated in the ceremonies.

In 1874 the believers were shot by Russian soldiers during the liquidation of the last Greek Catholic diocese which existed on the territory of the Russian Empire after the denounsation of Brest church unia on the territory of Belarus. The historians had counted at least 59 such incidents in the Padlyashsha. In 1996 13 martyrs were beatificated.

“Actually, there were 9 martyrs who died here. The other 4 died on the first nightbecause of the heavy wounds. The relatives were not allowed to bury them. Their bodies were brought to a churchyard. The people were forced to look at those bodies and to convert to Othodoxy. Quickly, soldiers guarding the bodies understood that it brings the opposite result. People stood on the knees and kissed the bodies. Now they are beatified”, – stresses the Greek Catholic parish dean Zbigniew Ikaniuk according to Radio Ratsiya.

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