Police Broke a Service in Svietlahorsk, Presbyter and a Believer are Fined


In the late May 2 people wearing plain clothes broke into the private house in Svietlahorsk during the service of the Baptist community. These people were filming the service, talking on the phone and were not reacting to the demands to show their ID. Later 11 uniformed and armed people entered the premises and ordere everybody to hold still. Major Vyachaslau Kazhadub was in charge of the operation.

During the prayer they approached Uladzimir Dayneka, the presbyter of the church, and ordered him stand form his knees and to read aloud the search warrant. After his refusal the presbyter was moved to the police station against his will, where  a report had been drawn on the minor offence of Art. 23.34 of the Administrative Code “Violation of the order of meeting, gathering, demonstration”, reports fondsp.org.

The same report had been drawn on Yury Valadzenka, a believer. Everybody present at the service were listed.

The Svietlahorsk district court exacted a fine in ammount of 223 dollars each.

The Church of Svietlahorsk asks everybody to pray for the fine being cancelled and Belarusian Christians being able to have peaceful services.

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