Paznyak Calls for Struggle against “Social Deviations” Propaganda


To struggle with an international threat of homosexualism propaganda and legalization of same-sex marriage an international movement is needed, the unity if Christian effort. “Such movement should have been already emerge, but today, especially after the catastrophe in Ireland, it became a necessity” – stated the head of Conservative Christian party-BNF Zyanon Paznyak.

According to him, the humanity’s struggle for remaining humanity is dictated by human nature itself and by the Divine predestination, reports the CCP-BNF site.

The politicians demands to  stop the “propaganda, advertisment and popularization of homosexuality, deviance and deviant behavior in Europe and America”, to cancel the 1992 WHO verdict and to “to start serious medical research and treating homosexual deviations in human’s psyche and body”.

“The export of deviations from the European Union and, moreover, funding of homosexuality should be stopped. The other countries ought to adopt laws preventing the spreading of deviant lechery and lecherous relations”, – stresses the CCP-BNF leader.

In the prospect, supposes he, “the legislation concerning homosexual relations should be revised in all EU countries on the basis of human norms which states that the legalization of sexual deviations is not in any way connected with democracy and human rights”, – concludes the politician.

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