Numerous Pilgrims Came to Mother of God of Trakeli


The festivities of Our Lady of Trakeli, the Queen of Families, began on the 10th of July at a diocesan sanctuary in Trakeli village near Lida. More than 2000 Catholics came in Trakeli by car and on foot.

The biggest was the group of 400 pilgrims from Hrodna. The believers from Hrodna were visiting Trakeli for the 17th time. Also were present the groups from Asmyany, Iuye, Navahrudak, Vaukavysk and from neighboring towns. According to, numerous believers came from Lithuania by car.

At Trakeli the pilgrims were greated by bishop of Hrodna Aliaksandr Kashkievich who blessed them, thanked  them for a wonderful act of faith and asked to give Mother of God all their hardships and worries because She can turn them into joys. Near the sanctuary the pilgrims were greated by the the keeper of the church f. Aliaksandr Rudzievich.

The program of the festival began with greeting words. “Welcome at the house of Mother! She is glad with your numerous presence and she is eager to help you”, – said the bishop of Hrodna to the believers, after whom f. Andrey Rouba, the dean of Lida headed the conference “The appeal in the context of Fatimian revelation” and reminded that this year is declared the Year of appeal by Catholic Church.

“Every soul shall be glad that God unceasingly watches it and its weaknesses and unceasingly forgives it all evil that it had brought”, – stressed the priest.

During the worhsip of consecrated elements lead by youth of Lida-Fara parish the believers thanked God for the gift of people called for ministry and for the Christian families raising their children in the spirit of faith. At night a prayer vigil took place at the sanctuary.

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