Belarusian Ministry of Information Found “Russkaya Pravda” Publications Extremist


The republican expert commission for evaluation of extremism features in information products found such features in four Russian books published in 2006-2011 in Moscow at publishing houses “Russkaya pravda”, “Vityaz” and VOG. The fact was reported to KRYNICA.INFO by Belarussian rabbi Igael Yegudi.

Particularuly, the extremist features were found in such books as:

Bessonov Boris. “The history”. – M.: VOG – Svekrasaf, 2011. – 400 pp.;

Kozlov V.I. Jews in Russia – USSR. Reality and myths of “antisemitism”. – M.: Russkaya Pravda, 2010. – 320 pp.;

Avdeev V.B. Overcoming of Christianity (the experience of dogmatic sermon) – M.: Russkaya Pravda, 2011. – 240 pp.;

Korchagin V.I. “Russian against judocracy”. M.: Vityaz, 2006. – 319 pp.

“The expert opinion are sent to the City Internal Affairs Bureau of Minsk”, – states the report signed by the deputy minister of information Uladzimir Matusevich.

Previously extremist features were found in the book “Confession of an orthodox pagan” by Y. Volokhov.

According to I. Yegudi, these books are openly sold in Minsk at the book fair. Besides, their contents are extremely antichristian and antisemitic, states the rabbi.

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