Patriarch Kirill Asked Not to Politicize the concept of “Russian World”


Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill asked not to politicize the concept of  “Russian world”.

Patriarch Kirill expressed his regret that in certain circles this notion is politicized.

According to Aleksandr Volkov, the Patriarch’s press secretary, Kirill is discontended with the fact the notion of “Russian world” is being used as some kind of a scarecrow. These people claim that it is some kind of political doctrine which used exclusively for the benefit of Russia, reports TASS.

Patriarch Kirill emphasyzed that nothing is more far from truth than compare Russian world strictly with Russia. According to the primate, Russian world consists regions, culturally connected through the Baptism of Rus, viz. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. It is a system of values entnagled with peoples’ culture and ways of life, he added.