Minsk Street Named After Soviet Regime May Be Renamed After Patron of Church


The Caholic church of St. Simeon and Helen, also known as a Red Church, proposed to rename Savietskaya (“Soviet”) street,where the church is situated, as an Edward Wojnillowicz street. The petition can be signed at Red church vestry, at church kiosk and library.

Edward Wojnillowicz (1847-1928) was a man of deep faith, an honest and hard-working man, the advocate of right for private property. He was an active supporter of Belarusian national movement, despite his opposing socialist ideas of the latter.

In 1883-1917 he was an honorable magustrate of Slutsk uyezd and a representative of Slutsk nobility in Minsk nobility congress; in 1888-1907 he was a vice-chairman and in 1907-1921 he was a chairman of Minsk agrarian society. In 1906-1909 he was a member of the State Council of the Russian Empire. In 1907-1908 he was a chairman of Regional party of Lithuania and Belarus. He was an advocate of Belarus and Lithuania autonomies in the Russian Empire, of abolishment of class division, of solution of peasant lan crisis, of free basic education, of legal equality of different cultures and denominations. Thanks to his efforts Zemstvos were introduced in Minsk, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Kiev, Volyn and Podols provinces.

In 1905-1910 built St. Simeon and Helen church for his own money in Minsk in memory of his deceased children. He was sincere Catholic but on the same time he was a supporter of international and interdenominational peace, of freedom of conciousness; he built Orthodox churches, founded the Committee for support of Jews and Tartars in Kletsk. During the World War I he helped refugees and war victims.

He died in emigration in Poland. In 2006 the coffin with Edward Wojnillowicz’s remnants was solemnly reinhumated near the Red Church. Nowadays attempts of his beatification are made.

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