In Homiel Orthodox Bishop Dissuade Girl From Suicide

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Bishop of Homiel and Zhlobin Stefan dissuade a 20-year old girl from jumping of the bridge on the morning of 22 July. Before the talk with the bishop an unemployed resident of Homiel was not listening to passers-by, rescue workers, medics and policemen and climbed on the 35-meter high truss of the bridge over Sozh river and was going to kill herself. After rescuing the girl the bishop refuse to give an interview. “I am not a hero” – told he.

According to, nobody knows what the bishop told the girl unsatisfied with her life. The bishop went to the bridge situated near the diocese office and began talking to the girl while standing below.

The eyewitnesses tell that the girl was wearing a kerchief, probably previously she was attending church. Before talking with the bishop she did not let anybody near her and demanding to see her mother. A talk with the bishop favourably affected the girl – she changed her mind and went to the diocese office with his eminence Stefan. A policeman stayed at the entrance to interview the girl.

A pedestrian bridge over Sozh river near the palce ensemble is unwholesomely popular among suicides and extreme sportsmen, that is why entrnaces to the truss were blocked with bars. But it was not a obstacle for wannabe-suicide.

Based on the material by “Komsomolskaya pravda in Belarus”, photos by

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