BNF Party Instructed Karatkevich to Support Traditional Family


The Congress of BNF party has set the list of aims that it wants to see in the program of its supported presidential candidate Tatstsyana Karatkevich, the activist of “Kazhy Praudu” program and of the Social Democratic party. THe reason pf the demand, according to Aliaksey Yanukevich, the party leader, lies in Karatkevich’s controversial statements.

BNF recommends her to stand for the reinstitution of white-red-white flag and “Pahonya” coat of arms as the national symbols; for promotion of Belarusian language and culture and future transition to the Belarusian language as the only state one; for support of the institute of traditional family as a basis of Belarusian society; for the application of the principle of integrity of the state in global politics, reports BelaPAN.

The representatives of BNF suppose that the independence pf Belarus should be a “central part”  of Karatkevich’s platform. They recommend her to insist on the soonest withdrawal of foreign troops from the territory of Belarus and on the revision of international agreements of Belarus “in the context of their correspondence with the country’s national interests” concluding in exiting those which do not answer them.

Besides, Karatkevich was instructed to promote the constitutional reform aiming at the return “to the democratical standards of management and the rule of law”, at diminshing of presidential authority for the benefit of parliament and at limiting the presidency with only two terms.