Thousands of Orthodox Churches in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine will Celebrate The Baptism of Rus Day with Chime


The bells will ring in all Orthodox churches of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and also in several churches in Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, US, in Baltic and West European regions on 28 July – on the Day of Baptism of Rus. The event called “God be praised!” will begin at noon by the local time.

The initiatve of the global bell chime had been introduced by a Ukrainian master bell-ringer Vladimir Rudnitsky. “The chime will unite several thousands of churches, – tells Rudnitsky. – It will be a wave that will begin at Kamchatka and will go to Western Europe through Kyiv and Moscow”, reports

The Rudnitsky’s initiative had been blessed by Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill and Metropolitan of Kyiv Onufry.