Homiel Pastor is Threatened with Court


Syarhey Mikalaenka, the pastor of “Transfiguration” church was called to the Homiel district attorney on 28 July where he was officially warned about the impropriety of the “illegal religious activity”. “Or else I will be charged by Art. 193 of the Penal Code. It seems that have nothing else to do than hinder the service to God!” – wrote the pastor on Facebook.


“At hte same time the crime grows in Belarus, drugs are sold, population is diminishing… and the presidential elections are coming”, – he mentioned.

“Let God bless our authorities and give them wisdom in everything! Especially in not interfering in bringing the Gospel to this world and in cooperating with Christians in spreading the good and eternal words in this dying world! Then they would have less work and we would be able to save at least some of people!” – he emphasyzed.

As KRYNICA.INFO has previously reported, on the 31st of May during the Sunday service which was taking place at the officially rented premises, a riot police squad broke in while shooting the gathering with a video camera. On 11 June the distrcit executive committee of Central district of Homiel prohibited the community to lease the premises on the territory of the district. On 19 June the court of Central district impose the fine of 3,6 mln Belarusian roubles for holding an unauthorized service.

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