Malaysian HRD: Vetoing resolution on the MH17 tribunal makes Russia an accessory in the murder

азрулIt is a mistake for Russia to exercise its veto in this UN Security Council resolution vote on the MH17 international tribunal, Malaysian human rights defender Azrul Mohd Khalib tells

“The justification being used by Russia is that the process has been politicised and is not interested in finding the truth or seeking justice for the victims and their families. However, by vetoing this proposal, Russia is in itself acting to do what it accuses others of doing, namely politicising this issue and in fact obstructing justice to what is a crime. If Russia is sincerely interested in looking for justice, it would propose or work together with the international community in seeking resolution to the questions raised by this tragedy. Instead it has sought a method where it proposes nothing, obstructs what is being proposed and in fact is perceived to be protecting possible perpetrators”, he says.

“This was a crime that was committed on a Malaysian airplane, on civilians not involved in the armed conflict in Ukraine, were not armed combatants and not a legitimate target under the Geneva Conventions”, Khalib emphasises.

“Isn’t it in the best interest of Russia to appear as a responsible global actor to find out what happened during this tragedy and to ensure that the perpetrators are punished? What if this was Russian commercial airliner that was shot down, how would Russia react?” Malaysian human rights defender wonders.

“In order to retain respect of the global community towards Russia, the latter should have allowed the resolution to pass so that we can proceed with pursuing justice for the victims and their families. Vetoing this proposal arguably makes Russia at least an accessory in the murder of these civilians in this tragedy”, he stresses.

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