Memory of Killed Nuns was Honored in Navahrudak


Numerous Catholic pilgrims gathered on 31 July in Batorauski forest near Navahrudak to honor the memory of Nazarene nuns who were shot there in 1943. The sisters offered their lives to Nazis instead of lives of their fellow villagers.

Part of pilgrims came from Hrodna on foot. A separate pilgrimage came from Novaya Mysh village lead by f. Paval Urubel joined by bishop of Pinsk Antoni Demjanko. The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth came from all parts of Belarus, repotrs

A Mass took place in the evenening at the cross placed at the place where the nuns died as martyrs. The Mass was lead by bishop of Hrodna Aliaksandr Kashkevich. On 1 August at 4.30 a.m, at the time when the sisters were shot, the Mass at Transfiguration church was lead by bishop Antoni Demjanko.

While talking about the significance of their deed the bishop of Pinsk emphasyzed: “The sisters of the Holy Family decided to change the fate of arrested hostages by sacrificing their lives. Father Aliaksandr Zyankevich, their chaplain, witnessed this deed”.

The Nazarean sisters were killed by Nazi occupants in the July of 1943, when Gestapo arrested 120 Navahrudak inhabitants with intent of shooting them as a revenge against Armia Krajowa partizans. Chaplain f. Zyankevich was also to be shot.

At the Holy Mass the believers asked for sisters’ protection for the people suffering from war, for Christians who are persecuted for their faith, for the countries where war is going on, where violence and death reign.

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