Iranian Lawyer About ISIS: Western Countries Made Big Mistakes

ідIslamic State (ISIS or Daesh) controls huge territories in Iraq and Syria including such cities as Mosul, Palmyra etc. ISIS is responsible for human rights abuses and war crimes, ethnic and religious cleansing, destroying of historical monuments and places. It came into power due to the serious mistakes made by the Western countries in the region, says Parham Mehraram, Phd student of public law in Shahid Beheshti University of Iran,  to What are the main reasons for establishment of Islamic State?

Parham Mehraram: Establishment of Islamic State has different grounds. One of them is related to the ideology of some Muslims who believe that Sharia should be engrafted exactly in the same way as that was at the Golden Age of Islam during the Muhammad era. This groups use all opportunities to engraft Sharia. And I think that Daesh doing in Iraq is not according to the Islamic law.

There are as well other reasons I think that should be taken into account. One of them is the lack of powerful state in the Middle East, especially in Iraq. For me that’s the most important reason. That gives an opportunity for all extremist people to go to Iraq. So the lack of powerful Iraqi central government leads to all these events and gives opportunity to the extremists to do anything that they would like.

And another thing that is very important is competition between Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. From my point of view Daesh is the way to weaken Iran. After Saddam was deposed the Shia group as the majority got the power. And for Sunni people who were always in the power in Iraq that was not acceptable. And Shi’a in Iraq failed to govern in the way that can satisfy the other groups. So there was an internal growth for acceptance of Daesh as the lesser evil. So I think that some Sunni extremists in Iraq and such governments as Saudi Arabia and other Sunni countries try to use Daesh as powerful militants to fight against Shi’a supported by Iran.

And other obstacle of this problem is Israel.

Some parts of this problem are related to the competition between the countries. Now the center of this competition is Iraq, but also Syria, Yemen and other countries. All of them can be in the center of this conflict. How could you describe the Western policy towards Islamic State?

Parham Mehraram: There were some big mistakes on behalf of the Western countries. First of all they deposed the central government and weakened Iraqi army and every security institute which was monitoring extremists’ activities. And simultaneously they adopted federalism, which is  untypical way of governing for a country in the Middle East. These countries don’t have a background for such constitutional institute as federalism. This federalism leads to weaker central government.  And in some way it compounds the problem. On other side they give weapon support ещ еру ethnical groups and do not give enough weapon to the central government which is they think has common characteristics with Iran.

BttMo3XCcAUsLoAAnd other obvious problem is that Saudi Arabia gives money and weapon to Daesh. America gives weapon to Saudi Arabia, and then Saudi Arabia gives this weapon to Daesh. So the US indirectly support Daesh.

I think that the will to struggle against Daesh is not very strong. For example we know that Turkey supports in some way some Islamic and terroristic groups. I don’t say Turkey supports Daesh in Iraq but other extremist in Syria. And all of them are in some way related to each other. I know that borderline with Turkey is the most important borderline for Iraqi Daesh.

On the other hand we know that Syrian president Bashar Assad is very unpopular dictator. But if we look at him we’ll see that he is a secular person. And there were no minority under pressure during Bashar Assad government. That is not a democratic government in comparison with England. But in comparison with Saudi Arabia or extremists they are totally more acceptable, I think.  Bashar Assad has a strong Western academic background. He held some reforms westernizing Syria. But there are some problems in his relations with the United States, maybe because of the conflict between Syria and Israel.

In conclusion I can say that in my opinion Western countries only pursue their own interests in the region. And other reasons and criteria are not important for them.

Daesh executes 32 security forces in central Iraq Is there any solution for the problem?

Parham Mehraram: I think there is only one solution of the problem. The solution is strengthening of the central Iraqi government. If we want to solve the problem radically someone should strengthen the Iraqi government. On the other side the Shia majority should take the other groups into account and give some part of the power to the Sunni people.

And I think that Iraqi forces have enough power to do something with Daesh. But they should pay attention to the needs of Sunni people.

And I think that giving weapons only to the Kurds and other militants can compound the problem. If Iraq is separated in different countries it’s not in advantage of any country, because the identity of the newborn countries will be routed only in religion. Iraqi Shi’a and Sunni countries can define themselves as only mono-religious countries. And that can lead to even more problems in the Middle East in future.