Monuments Conservation Society: Polatsk Sofia Should Stay in Polatsk


Belarusian Historical and Cultural Monuments Conservation Society prepared protest petition against the construction of Sofia cathedral in Vitsiebsk (the copy of Polatsk Sofia built in XI century). Public discussion which starts on 24 August is, according to petition authors, fully illegal because it considers construction in the historical part of the city.

According to Anton Asipovich, the chairman of the Society, the idea of the construction contradicts Belarusian law which does not allow construction of the new buildings in the historical districts. “We ask all interested people to write similar petitions to prevent the profanation of Belarusian historical heritage”, – states the petition published at

The initiators of the petition find the construction of a copy of Polatsk Sofia in Vitsiebsk nonsensical, because it should be the part of Polatsk cityscape only.

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