Belarusian Ministry of Justice Refused to Register BCD Party For the 5th Time

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The Ministry of Justice of Belarus refused to register Belarusian Christian Democracy Party for the fifth time. Among the reasons was the fact that two constituents denied their signatures. The aforementioned constituents had been previously put under pressure of local executive and judicial authorities which forced them to deny their signatures.

“The other reasons are small iaccuracies which could not hinder the registration. Even without those two people the list of BCD constitutors consists more than necessary 1000. The ministry found other documents legit” – stated the party constituent committee.

The BCD party had been refused to be registered for the fifth time. “It is a sign that there will not be the elementary norms of democracy in Belarus and that the “elections” are only a facade for political, economical and social totalitarism”, – stated the party constituent committee.

BCD considers the refusal illegal and will appeal to the Supreme Court. “We are sure that BCD will be registered in Belarus soon after the fall of the authoritarian regime”, – states the release.

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