Belarusian Union of Adventist Churches Elected New President


The XII Congress of Belarusian Union of Adventist Christian Churches took place in Minsk on 20 August. 225 delegates participated in the congress, the oldest being 90 and Yakau Patsukevich having 73 years of Church experience.

The prayer part of th econgress was lead by BUC secretary Vyachaslau Buchnyau and youth chorus “Vivere”. The president of Euro-Asian division Mikhal Kaminski addressed the audience with a word of pastor, reports

While giving an annual report, BUC secretary Vyachaslau Buchnyau emphasyzed the importance of the fact that hundreds of people are baptized in Adventists churches every year. “It makes us especially glad, because it is so hard to make a single person to hear the news of salvation in the age of postmodernism”.

Leanid Hunko, the editor-in-chief of “Istochnik Zhizni” (“Source of Life”) publihing house, was elected the new BUC president and BUC secretary Vyachaslau Buchnyau remained a BUC secretary.

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