BAOC Priest: Our Existence Draws BOC Towards Belarusization


F. Leanid Akalovich, a priest of Belarusian Orthodox Autocephalous Church (BAOC), states that hierachs of Moscow Patriarchate treat his Church with hostility.

Thus, while talking about the absence of BAOC churches in Belarus f. Akalovich reminded that on e of the first BAOC churhces in Pahranichny village was destroyed with a bulldozer. The church in Syomkau Haradok near Minsk was  taken by aithorities. “They took the church, put fine on me and called me several times to the district attorney office while charging me of illegal construction”, – told he, reports

While mentioning the fact that BAOC acts almost as an an underground church, f. Leanid emphasyzed that they try to establish contact with BOC of Moscow Patriarchate. “We are drawing them towards belarusization. The very fact of existance of BAOC makes them to adopt this initiative. Every nation has a right for its own national Church”, – said he while adding that there is a lot of nationally-oriented priests among BAOC MP.

Foreign parishes of BAOC function in New York, Highland Park, Manchester, Toronto, Adelaide and Melbourn.

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