Apostolic Nuncio: Pope will Not Meet Lukashenko in September


Apostolic Nuncio Claudio Gugerotti, the ambassador of Vatican to Belarus, arrived in Homiel by the initiative of the UNHCR. The agenda of the visit consists of meeting the heads of local authorities and with refugees from Syrian and Ukrainian families.

While talking with journalists and the public the Apostolic Nuncio confirmed the immediate participation of Pope Francis in the release of Belarusian political prisoners. “It was made by the Pope’s immediate request. We are proud of it because it brought some measure of peace and harmony in the country. I am glad that Belarusian society appreciated these actions of Pope”.

The representative of Vatican denied the gossiped possible visit of Aleksandr Lukashenko in Vatican in September and reminded that, the presidential elections being scheduled on 11 October, according to protocol, the Pope does not meet the presidents whose current mandates are soon to end, belapan.com reports.