BAOC Head: Belarus Must Have Its Own Orthodox Church


Belarus must have its own Orthodox Church, stated Archbishop of Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Svyataslau (Lohin) in his interview to Radio Racyja. “Every nation has a right for an autonomous Church, for its own religious primate, states the 34 Apostolic Rule”, – he emphasyzed while adding that “the time will come and such Church will return to Belarus”.

While talking about Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate, the archbishop said that it became a department of FSB. “There is not much faith there, it is more invilved in ideology work and this ideology contradicts Christianity. ROC of MP does not acknowledge Belarusian nation and language while callin them “fakes”. But our Othodox history is more rich than the one of Moscow. When Polotsk Sofia was already built, there were still swamps in the place of Moscow”, – said he.

While talking about the BAOC today, hesaid that “it has few parishes and they are scattered all over the world” – in the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain. The cathedral of the Church is the largest Belarusian emigration center of the world. “The services are served, children are baptized, weddings and funerals occur… we celebrate our holidays, everything goes as it should. And, of course, we pray for Belarus”, -mentioned the archbishop.

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