Belarusian Bible 500th Anniversary Initiative Group has been Formed


An intiative group for organization of festivities dedicated to Belarusian Bible 500th anniversary in 2017 has been created in Minsk. In the Summer of 1517 Belarusian enlightener and book printer Francis Skaryna published Psalter translated by him to Belarusian, which started the age of cultural and economic prosperity.

The first session on 9 September was attended by scientist Ales Zhlutkа, television anchor Yury Zhihamont, CEF Bible college rector Pyotr Asheychyk, director of public organization “Christian Business Initiative” Heorhi Dzmitruk, pastor and Bible scholar Antoni Bokun, writer and journalist Paval Sevyarynets, publisher and public activist Syarhey Karnyushka, musician Aliaksandr Vislauski and others. editor-in-chief Anatol Shyrvel also participated in the session.

The gathered elected Heorhi Dzmitruk a chairman of the group because he was the first person who proposed public celebration of the date. “It was the greatest event in Belarusian history, our people got the Bible in its own language, began to read and live by the Word of God. Reformation came to our land, the results of which are called “Belarusian Golden Age”. I am sure that Belarusians, while having a tremendous Christian heritage, should not let suchglorious date come unnoticed”, – Heorhi Dzmitruk said during the session.

The initiative group planes to create the Celebration committee and to invite to work representatives of the national and local authorities, employees of scientific, educational and religious organizations and other people interested. One of the ideas was to address authorities and society to make the year 2017 the Year of Bible in Belarus.

“We hope that this initiative will attract wide audience from our country and from Belarusian diaspora as well because Skaryna’s Bible is our common heritage, our common history, the history of Christian Belarus, which is adopted Christianity more than 1000 years ago, and this is a brilliant platform for unification of progressive forces of our country for a good deed”, – Dzmitruk emphasized.

The next meeting of the initiative group is planned to take place on 23 September. The participation applications can be sent to

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