Organizers of Unceasing Prayer for Belarus are Looking for Brave People


6 night and 6 morning hours are left vacant in the unceasing prayer for Belarus. During the five months of the prayer somebody has joined it (mostly in the day and in the evening), somebody gave up (mostly in the night and in the morning). As a result, 6 gaps emerged: Monday 04:00-05:00, Sunday 02:00-03:00, Friday 01:00-02:00, Sunday 04:00-05:00.

“We ask brave people to stand for Belarus”, – say the organizers. They contacted by the phone number (8029) 593 71 60 (Olya).

The unceasing prayer for Belarus started on 12 April. 168 people are praying during a chosen hour of the week, creating, as a result, a prayer relay.

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