Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz Invited European Bishops to Meet in Belarus in the Next 2 Years


On 16 September the Plenary Assembly of the Council of Bishops of Europe, which took place on the Holy Land since 11 September with the participation of the Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyou archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, came to its conclusion.

Previously, a lection “The Witnessing of Christians in the Middle East” of Fouad Tual, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem took place at Notre Dame Catholic centre in Jerusalem. The Patriarch emphasized the problem of 47 Christian schools also visited by children from Jewish and Muslim families and suffering presure from Israeli government, reports.

The bishops of Europe also shared their practical experience of organizing such forums and decided to hold the next Assembly in Monako in the next October. Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz invited the Bishops of Europe to hold the 2017 meeting in Minsk. “Among the benefits of Minsk are the good ecumenical relations in our country and its openness for a ecumenical and an interecclesiastic dialogue, the dialougue between the state and the Church, the dynamic revival of the Catholic Church after long years of persecution, the witnessing of many martyrs and witnesses of faith”, – explained the bishop his proposition.

On the same day the forum participants visited Bethlehem where they observed the work of Catholic charity centres, the Natvity Cave and St. Catherine Church, where Fouad Tual, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, headed the Mass. Metropolitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz prayed during the Mass for the birth of Jesus on Belarusian siol and among Belarusian people.

After the Mass the Assembly participants met deans and monks of Latin orders, Melchites and Syrian Catholics. In the evening the Greek Orthodox Patriarch joined the meeting.

Previously the participants visited Magdala, where St. Maria Magdalina lived. At the “Duc in altum” sanctuary a mass was given headed by the retired Greek Catholic bishop Fragrikos Popomvnolis, the Cahirman of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Greece.