Baptist Bishop Called Ulakhovich “Ignoramus”


Viktar Krutsko, the chairman of the Union of Evangelical Baptist Christians, called Mikalay Ulakhovich, a candidate for presidency, an “ignoramus” in the field of religion.

Bishop Krutsko is not surprised with the slander on behalf of cossac Ulakhovich: “We faced Soviet authorities and defamation. Now I am not surprised”. The head of one of Protestant denominations of Belarus is surprised with the low level of religious education of the candidate. “The man wants to become a president and is full ignoramus in this field, – stated the EBC Union bishop in his interview to Radio Svaboda. – He would better say that Baptist teaching propagates only a healthy lifestyle, physically and spiritually”.

The leadership of Belarusian EBC Union wants  to contact Mikalay Ulakhovich and to know his real position the subject of Baptists. Viktar Krutsko supposes that the candidate might have a vague understanding of the subject or he is a real enemy of Evangelical Christians. “But we are not afraid of enemies”, – the bishop emphasized.

As has previosly reported, a candidate to the post of the President of Belarus Mikalay Ulakhovich has criticized Christians of a “Baptist sort” by accusing them of promoting unhelathy lifestyle. He made such announcement during a television speech on 18 September. “Speaking of the spiritual revival and religion I would like to add that with the vanishing of the Communist morale code many people were drawn towards religion, – stated Ulakhovich during his speech. – I see nothing bad about it, only if those religions are not of a Baptist sort, which propagates harm to one’s health, or of a terrorist sort. In those cases I am totally against it”.

It can be said that this remark has been made against all Evangelist Christians, who all are being called “Baptists” in colloquial speech by the people not knowing much about religion. The believers and servants of Belarusian Evangelical denominations had never been recorded propagating harm to health or terrorism. Contrarywise, a healthy lifestyle, sobriety and peacefulness were always defining Evangelical Christians.